Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good News!

   First off I'd just like to thank those of you who have subscribed to follow my blog! It really means a lot to not just be mindlessly rambling to myself all the time-plus it was such a welcome surprise when I came back from Wisconsin to see that I had gone from zero to eight followers! Sometimes, its the little things in life...
   Well, I finally found the time to run to Walgreens for some of those little disc shaped batteries for my scale...can you tell how technologically inclined I am by the fact that I have no idea what else to call them? Anyway, the good news is I DID NOT gain any weight while I was away, and am in fact down to 105 lbs! A couple days late, but welcome news nonetheless!
   I'm going to try to start posting some pictures, but I lost the battery for my camera in Wisconsin, rendering the lens unable to retract and the camera unable to turn on. I just ordered a new one on eBay. (Are we seeing a pattern here with my luck relating to batteries?) It should be here in 4-7 days, then I can take pics of the scale and some body shots to try and keep a better record.
   Short and sweet for now, will be able to make a longer post later, I'm compiling some tips and tricks, since that seems to be a staple of all the blogs in this genre. But I'm trying not to be completely redundant, and actually have some stuff that I haven't read anywhere else before. Ciao for now!