Friday, May 14, 2010

What do you know? I'm capable having a great day!

   Yes, as it turns out, not everyday has to be filled with guilt, shame, and despair over what I have eaten, binged on, or purged! I began the day by waking up much earlier than I usually do, around 6:15am, because I wanted to use my community pool for doing laps before anyone else would be there. It definitely worked, as I was the only one crazy enough to be there that early, and had the whole pool to myself. Well, because it was so gorgeous out, and no one was there, I decided that instead of just swimming, I would add in some poolside Yoga. Now, I've done yoga a bunch of times, but nowhere near enough to have any kind of routine memorized. Luckily, though, I have an iPhone-and by god, there's a fucking app for that!
   For anyone else with an iPhone or iTouch-there is an app called "Lose the Belly" which is FREE and totally amazing and worth the download. All it basically is is a series of youtube videos for stomach and weight loss exercises that have been all grouped and compiled into one easy location. There was one called "Yoga for Weight Loss," and it was really basic and easy, and you just repeated the series six times. So that is what I did! It felt really great, and actually helped with my lower back a bit and relieved some pressure I had been feeling in my spine. I thought I'd snap a poolside pic of me on my makeshift Yoga Mat (aka Towel).
   After my little Yoga/stretch session, I was good and hot, and the sun had started to come out and I was definitely ready for cooling down in the pool. I had initially thought I would do a half hour, but hadn't anticipated doing Yoga for an hour first, so once I started doing laps I got tired pretty fast. I only ended up really swimming for about 15 minutes, but I was EXHAUSTED and more than OK with that. After the laps, I thought my muscles would appreciate a soothing dip in the hot tub, so I went in for about 10 minutes. It really did feel amazing, I put the jets right on my lower back and then on my thigh muscles. Once I was finally finished at the pool/hot tub, I went back to my place and made breakfast: 6 slices grapefruit, ~45 cal 1/2 cup egg whites, 50 cal Total: ~95 calories. And, believe it or not, it was more than enough! I had it with some iced green tea, which is 0 cal. Right after breakfast I did my ridiculously hilarious 6 minute Shake Weight video, which took...6 minutes. I love that shit. 
   Then I had some work to do, so I pretty much worked on my laptop until around noon, when I decided that it was the prefect time to go do the rest of my exercise for the day in a local park around the corner. I could not believe my luck when I got there...literally EMPTY! An ENTIRE park all to myself! I had kind of been worried I wouldn't be able to find a spot with enough room for me to jump rope and enough privacy to not be self conscious about my ab work, expecting there to be kids, or sports or something. Nope. No one. WIN! Took a pic of my private park...I ended up setting up camp on the basketball court since I figured the jump-rope probably wouldn't be so great in the grass. 
   I know that I wrote that I would be doing 10 minutes ab/10 minutes jump rope, but I quickly discovered that 10 straight minutes of jumping rope is about 5 minutes too long. So instead, I made an executive decision to alternate every 5 minutes instead, which worked out MUCH better. So I did 5 minutes of abs and 5 minutes of jump rope back to back for about 45 minutes. It was intense, but I felt really great afterwards! It was so nice out that I even managed to get a tan while I exercised, which was nice! Although, it probably would have been better if I weren't in gym shorts and a tank top-but whatever. 
   After the park workout I went home and made lunch. I had: 1 reduced fat cheese stick, 50 cal; 7 baby carrots,17.5 cal; 2 tblsp fat free ranch, 30 cal; crystal lite, 5 cal for a meal total of 102.5cal and bringing me to 197.5 for the whole day. And you know what? I wasn't hungry for anything else! I don't know if it is the working out, but just the thought of eating more meant putting more calories in me that could offset all the hard work I'd been doing, and that was enough to make me not want anything. After lunch I was pretty exhausted, and knew that I wasn't going to be exercising anymore for the day. But I did have more work to do, and it was still so beautiful out, that I decided to take my laptop down to the pool so I could work and get some more sun at the same time. It was really nice...the only thing that I could have done without was a call from my brother while I was working by the pool. My brother and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye on much, and he can keep me on the phone for HOURS just arguing and going on about things we will NEVER agree on. That kind of took about 45 minutes away from my work and enjoying the weather, but once I was finally able to end it by claiming my phone was about to die, all was good again. 
   Well, I actually have a date tonight...I know, weird. I'm kind of nervous about it because I'm not actually very interested, but at the same time I feel like I can't just be turning down the only person that's asking me out, you know? We are supposed to meet for drinks around 9, so instead of eating dinner I'm going to save my calories for a vodka and club soda or two! Wish me luck...